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Top 3 Reasons to Use PC Dialer

  • August 27, 2019

PC dialers also known as SIP softphone are in the industry for many years and still, its demand is too high. In fact, its demand has increased more than never before in the past few years. From open source dialer to white label PC dialer solutions are in heavy use. What makes them so popular and why you must use it in your company are going to be unveiled in this article.

Importance of PC dialers in modern communication

1. It is a Secure Omnichannel Communication Solution

The phone dialer for pc is a software that gets installed on any desktop or laptop solution. The provider provides this softphone according to the operating system of the computer, i.e., the PC dialer for Windows cannot be installed on a Mac system. It has a contact book to store and dial contacts. Additionally, it offers call controls such as call transfer, call mute and un-mute, call hold and retrieve, etc. It mimics an IP phone and offers all communication features available with IP Phones and some more Some PC dialer solutions also offer chat and video calling features. In a nutshell, one can get a complete omnichannel communication solution. Furthermore, white-label solutions often provide security mechanisms to keep business communication private.

2. It Allows Remote Communication

There are many companies that offer remote work opportunities. The SIP softphone can be really useful to make this work model more effective. The staff members can use the phone dialer for pc to take care of all types of internal and external communication. In fact, it is also perfect for executives that need to travel for different business trips. The remote communication helps in assuring the best productivity and on-time decision making. With the usage of this solution, the companies can also get logs of usage of this solution to assure the ethical use of the company resources and productivity during working hours.

3. It Reduces Expenses on the Communication Cost

Similar to all other VoIP solutions, the phone dialer for pc also uses SIP-based communication channels. As a known fact, the SIP communication is way cheaper than traditional communication. This helps businesses to encourage communication without getting worried about the cost. The communication cost can be reduced by 40% or more by using the PC dialer solution.

Any business can use this SIP softphone when it has multiple employees that usually work with their laptops or desktop systems. In these cases, the PC dialer becomes a handy tool. One of the common examples of the industry, which can get benefited from the white label PC dialer solution is customer care. They often don’t need to use call center software due to not so heavy call traffic, but the calls are made and here the PC dialer is really beneficial.

One of the premium solutions offered by the ASTPP community is white-label PC dialer. To know more about it and to have a free demo, please contact us.