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Beyond Voice: Exploring the Advanced Capabilities of Multi Tenant IP PBX Solutions

  • October 9, 2023

Traditionally, the PBX solutions were built to provide voice based communication features. These multi tenant IP PBX solutions have empowered several small, medium, and large scaled businesses with their amazing features. However, with the increasing competition, shift in user behavior, and several other factors, it has become necessary for businesses to get a multi tenant IP PBX solution that goes beyond voice and provides advanced features for communication and collaboration to businesses.

The modern day multi tenant IP PBX solutions provide advanced features and functionalities. This empowers businesses with digitization and modernization of communication tools. In this blog post, we will explore further details of the advanced capabilities available in this software.

What is a Multi Tenant IP PBX system?

what is Multi Tenant IP PBX

Similar to a traditional IP PBX system, it is a private branch exchange of telecommunication lines. Businesses use this private network of phone lines. The difference in this system is that it provides advanced capabilities along with tenant support. This is not available in the traditional system. There are several advantages of using a multi tenant IP PBX software solution with advanced functionalities. However, it is necessary to choose the right software which provides those futuristic features.

Unified Communication Channels

The first advanced feature available in the modern solution is the support for unified communication channels. This covers voice, video, chat, SMS, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Possibly, your business might not need more than two or three communication channels beyond voice. However, it is necessary that you can avail yourself of the remaining communication channels. This might be required in the future depending on the shifting business needs. A majority of VoIP development companies provide integration of different communication channels into an existing IP PBX system. However, your software must support integration.

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A majority of multi tenant IP PBX solutions have been offering three-way conferencing as one of the standard features to businesses. This lets business teams collaborate. However, modern day businesses need much more than simple conferencing. Thus, this software has integrated the capability to support multi-party conferences. As a result, it lets more than three people collaborate using this platform.

Auto Provisioning

This is amazing functionality added to the modern and advanced multi tenant IP PBX software. It assures a high level of efficiency and connectivity to businesses. It removes the interference of VoIP engineers to provision IP phones or SIP Softphone solutions to let business users use different features available in this software. The auto provisioning feature assures excellent collaboration, better resource utilization, and the highest productivity.

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This blog post has covered a majority of advanced capabilities that your multi-tenant solution must have to provide you with a modern communication system.

Different Call Routing Options

Different Call Routing

Traditionally, business executives used it to enjoy simple call routing strategies to connect calls. However, this method was quite inefficient in many ways. Consequently, the system is improved with an added layer of interactive voice response (IVR) feature. During the call, an IVR system asks different questions to learn about the preference of the caller.

An IVR learns the interest of the callers and connects him or her with the right person. This ensures a better user experience. An IVR connects the caller with the right business representative. The advancements in technology come up with several other features than this common call routing strategy such as:

Time Based Routing:

  • The right department, user or an IVR gets the call. Different rules for business hours, busy hours, off-hours, and more are set for time based routing.

Holiday Routing:

  • During off working hours or holidays, the caller will play a custom voice prompt depending on the configuration. Moreover, an Interactive voice response (IVR) that can manage this type of caller received this caller’s call. Alternatively, the caller receives a prompt to connect during predefined working hours. An advanced option is available for very important or premium customers. This option ensures to forward the call to the business representative on his or her personal number without revealing that number.

Rule Based Call Forwarding:

  • Call forwarding is a commonly available feature. However, the advanced capability is now part of a multi tenant IP PBX solutions. This ensures using predefined configurations to forward the call. An admin makes these configurations for call forwarding. For example, a sales rep received a cold lead call. On the other hand, a sales manager receives a call from a hot lead .

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Find me, Follow me:

  • The system list will have a group of phone numbers. This feature tries each number in the sequence until the last number. If anyone in between picks up the call, then the feature will not follow the next number. Similarly, if nobody picks up the call, then the system keeps reaching the next number.

Ring Group:

  • All phone numbers or extensions defined in a group will ring. This rings until one of the executives picks up the call and starts the conversation.

Extension Calling:

  • The call is directly given to a specific extension if the caller dials the extension number.

Real Time Monitoring

The modern day multi tenant IP PBX software supports real time monitoring by providing live statistics. The software shows different statistics, which depends on the software and its features. A majority of these statistics include the number of live extensions, number of ongoing calls, system performance, ringing calls, and more. On the business needs, the software providers create and customize the real time monitoring dashboards.


A comprehensive invoicing, rating, and billing module is part of a multi tenant IP PBX system. It provides advanced capabilities of billing. It is a highly accurate way of generating invoices. Therefore, there are several utilities of this capability depending on the use case of the stated software.


In a nutshell, as the need and demand for communication have advanced, the functionalities and capabilities of communication solutions have also taken a leap. The modern day solutions provide amazing features and functionalities that not only modernize business communication but also augment the overall experience of its users and of course, bring several advantages.

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