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Deliver Seamless UCaaS Experience with a Class 5 Softswitch

  • August 31, 2023

The business of communication service providers is at its peak because, with the increasing trend of globalization and digitization, the need for reliable and advanced communication tools has increased dramatically. The retail service providers used to use a class 5 Softswitch as one of the solutions along with a call center solution, VoIP dialer, etc. The traditional model of this Softswitch offered all communication and collaboration features related to voice calling such as call transfer, call forwarding, call queues, interactive voice response, voicemail, music on hold, call hold and retrieve, and many more.

As the era of digitization is now at the crest of the SIP calling industry, the requirement for UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service) platform has increased. This has mandated the implementation of all popular communication channels into the retail Softswitch solution and provided a complete unified business communication system to retail users. 

If you are still confused with the jargon of this industry or modernization in the VoIP calling business, then fret not. This blog post is going to cover every vital detail of this subject matter to give you a complete insight to understand this futuristic solution completely. 

Let’s Streamlining UCaaS Experience with Class 5 Softswitch

1.  Overview of a Class 5 Softswitch System

This software solution facilitates seamless communication and collaboration among users in the VoIP telephony industry, utilizing routers and gateways for network connectivity and end-to-end telephony services. This service caters to local businesses and enterprises, which is why it is referred to as a retail VoIP Softswitch or a residential switch. 

This switch is commonly used by retail VoIP service providers to offer hosted business telephony solutions. Some enterprises also use this solution to cover the communication needs of their staff members. 

Seamless UCaaS Starts with a Class 5 Softswitch.

The modern Class 5 Softswitch solutions are hosted on cloud platforms to reach a larger audience and greater reach. It also provides innovative features and functionalities, which were not available traditionally. This helps service providers to capture a bigger market and increase customer satisfaction and revenue with different models. 

Different retail switch solutions can have different features, but fundamental communication features related to voice communication are commonly available on this platform. Moreover, it will also have a VoIP billing solution to make invoicing and billing processes automated and streamlined. 

2.  Overview of Unified Communication as a Service

Overview Of unified communication as a Service

The business of Software as a Service is huge, and it covers diverse industry verticals. VoIP is one of the industries majorly influenced by the Software as a Service (SaaS) business model. The UCaaS is one of the SaaS business models that provides Software as a Service. In simple words, the service providers set up a software instance and provide it to use at a predefined monthly cost. This makes expensive solutions affordable for businesses. 

Unified communication as a service is a modernized system that is influenced by the increasing trend of using multiple modes of communication to connect with a business. As customers and even business reps use multiple channels to collaborate and connect, businesses have to adopt all communication channels. 

Using different communication channels individually is an expensive and messy job, which can slow down business processes and even make it impossible to track productive use of resources. This has increased the need for UCaaS platforms. This platform integrates majorly available communication channels for business such as voice, video, chat, email services, conferencing, and other collaboration tools within a single platform. Depending on the business, it can also have WhatsApp and social networking platforms integrated with the UCaaS solutions.

In summary, a UCaaS platform is a complete communication system that gives access to all business communication channels within a single screen and provides a collaborative environment to use all of those channels to meet diverse business objectives. 

3.  Blend of UCaas and Retail VoIP Softswitch

Typically, a UCaaS solution gets integrated with a class 5 Softswitch on the cloud platform to provide reliable unified communication services to businesses. This integrated solution provides a reliable system for internal and external communication that meets the needs of all types of business conversations, including, but not limited to, voice, video, screen share, file share, texting, email, SMS, conference, and more. 

The cloud based setup for a UCaaS platform opens doors of opportunities because it can capture a larger audience, provide more reliable services, leverage cloud native advantages, and assure high uptime of the system. 

In a nutshell, a retail switch with unified communication as a service platform has a bigger market to capture and a wider audience to serve. 

If you are willing to learn more about a perfect solution class 5 softswitch with UC, a complete retail platform that is future-proof by implementing UC in it, then read our blog post covering all details.

4. Top 5 Benefits of The Retail Switch with Integrated UCaaS Features

Top 5 Benefits Of The Retail switch with Integrated Ucaas features

Any technological advancement and invention have several positive sides. It means there are several benefits of using a retail VoIP Softswitch that has integrated unified communication channels or platforms to offer value added services. Let’s consider the top 5 benefits of this platform for users. 


One of the easiest ways to keep the ROI (Returns on Investment) graph high is by reducing expenses and that is possible by using a retail switch with an integrated UCaaS solution. The class 5 Softswitch software can meet a specific communication requirement, but unified communication channels can enable multiple touchpoints to bridge communication gaps and provide a comprehensive communication system. Modern businesses require a unified communication platform to connect with customers, peers, and vendors efficiently. 

Using each of these channels individually can increase business expenses because of multiple users, API integrations with existing platforms, etc. Implementing communication channels in a retail VoIP provider’s Softswitch reduces costs by consolidating channels and purchasing bulk packages for cheaper usage. Thus, the provider can offer it at cheaper rates compared to getting it directly from that communication channel. This makes the use of UC more affordable for businesses. 

Single Sign on Facility

The incorporation of a switch with integrated UCaaS solutions offers a significant advantage, notably the convenience of a single sign-on feature. The complexity of managing multiple software and tools to access various communication channels often leads to chaos for business representatives, as they must navigate back and forth across different communication platforms. Furthermore, keeping track of diverse conversations conducted through various modes of collaboration can prove challenging. This necessitates additional manual effort to maintain records of various interactions and their associated communication methods. Retail VoIP providers integrate UC into their switches for clients, offering seamless single sign-on.

In practical terms, this means that on a single screen, business representatives gain access to all essential communication and collaboration channels. They no longer need to switch between screens or, in some cases, devices to utilize different communication features. Organized logs streamline tracking recent interactions and boost team communication efficiency with a single client. This represents a transformative shift in the future of Class 5 Softswitch technology.

Remote Communication Facility

A majority of UCaaS platforms are cloud enabled, which means they are hosted on cloud platforms. This offers benefits to users and businesses through enhanced features and remote communication advantages. They can access all UC features and retail switch features from anywhere, at any time. This enables seamless collaboration among on-site and remote team members.. Remote access to the UC-enabled class 5 Softswitch offers numerous business benefits.

Productivity Logs

A key business concern is efficiently monitoring user activities for productive resource utilization. Tracking productivity in communication and collaboration is challenging due to the absence of direct measurement for individual systems. But, using a retail Softswitch solution with integrated unified communication as a service solution ensures that a business can track productivity with ease. All interactions get logged, be it a chat or a video conference call. Managers can review them to inspect if these resources are used productively or not. This also ensures that team members use these resources consciously and increase productivity. As we are aware, increased productivity has increased advantages to offer. This makes use of this system vital and worthwhile. 

Excellent Security

Cloud enabled solutions enjoy excellent security features. Moreover, each communication system will have its separate security features. Additionally, the class 5 Softswitch software will also implement security mechanisms like a session border controller system, fraud detection and management software, encryption of the stream, and more. In a nutshell, there are multiple layers of security implemented in the retail switch with UC capabilities. This makes sure that all business conversations are completely secure, and nobody needs to be concerned about security breach. 

5.  Seamless UCaaS Experience with Class 5 Switch

The modern day retail VoIP service providers are more innovative and futuristic. They understand that it is necessary to implement future trends to stay competitive and help their businesses become competitive. Unified communication will soon become essential for businesses, while enterprises are already investing significantly in retail switches with UC capabilities. This creates a win-win situation for retail VoIP service providers. Thus, they have already started mingling the capabilities of the class 5 switch and unified communication channels. 

A single screen managing all features of communication and collaboration provides a seamless user experience. Business reps don’t need to bounce from one system to another to use different features. This augments communication and user experience.An attractive interface distinguishes platform features, ensuring reliable usability. All these amazing characteristics of this integrated platform make the user experience seamless and reliable. 

Concluding Notes

Digitization has impacted all parts of business and communication is definitely not left behind. Digital communication is essential for present and future business success, integrating traditional and modern channels for a seamless customer experience. The leading retail VoIP service providers have already integrated all business communication and UC channels in their class 5 Softswitch software to provide a complete system to businesses. ASTPP aims to fulfill the current and future communication requirements of tech-savvy and forward-thinking businesses.

Embrace digital channels with your retail switch for a future-proof business. We are experts in offering the best communication solutions, including, but not limited to UcaaS, session border controller system, fraud detection and management software, and more to retail VoIP service providers. Let’s discuss the benefits of this platform for your business to build a successful future. To initiate discussion, connect with us now!