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A Perfect Solution: Class 5 Softswitch with UC

  • August 7, 2023

The class 5 Softswitch has been meeting the communication and collaboration needs of businesses. Traditionally, it offered only voice calls as a communication channel, but now it has started adding more communication channels because class 5 softswitch with Unified Communication (UC) has become the demand of businesses nowadays.  

To meet the needs of customers and even employees, businesses need a business phone system that supports all necessary communication channels like voice, video, chat, screen share, file share, conferencing, and more. The innovative VoIP development company introduces UC with a majority of retail softswitch solution. 

Evolution Of Class 5 Softswitch Software

Traditionally, the Softswitch providers used to offer hardware based communication solutions. With the invention of VoIP based communication solutions, the software solution came into existence. The best class 5 Softswitch solution is used to offer wide-ranging communication features that meet different communication needs of businesses. Moreover, it reduces the overall communication expenses of businesses with the SIP calling mechanism. 

As time progressed, new features were invented and added to this Softswitch solution. Right now, you can get the most advanced retail switch to meet your business communication needs because it consists of all advanced communication and collaboration features. 

Key Features Available In The Retail Softswitch Are Briefly Explained Below:

Key Features Available In The Retail Softswitch Are Briefly Explainde Below

Communication Features

Voice calling has been one of the available features in this system for many years. As the UC has started becoming a part of this Softswitch, it has started supporting all unified communication features to empower businesses with UC and it eliminates the need of using a UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service) option. Using this switch, one can conduct a call or a conference, have a chat, share a file, and even have a video conference. 

Call Queuing and Related Features

The retail Softswitch supports various features to help businesses manage increased call volume. For example, IVR helps in handling incoming calls automatically and also answering common questions. The call queues and music on hold (MoH) feature keeps customers engaged while waiting for an agent to be available to discuss the matter. A call routing strategies help in handling the routing of different calls to ensure they are delegated to the right and skilled agent. The call hold and retrieve feature helps in delivering a better customer experience. 

Quality Management Features

This Softswitch also provides features like call recording, chat history, reports, dashboard data, etc. All these features aim to provide conclusive and concrete data to managers to review the quality of call (QoC) and Quality of Service (QoS) delivered to agents. 

Gain deeper insights into the functionality of this Softswitch solution and its capabilities in managing both residential and commercial communication with Class 5 Softswitch

Major Advantages of Class 5 Softswitch with UC Features for Businesses

Top 5 Major Advantages Of Class 5 Switch With UC Features for Business

There are several advantages related to using a retail switch with unified communication features. Let’s explore the top ones. 

One-stop Solution

As different evolutions took place, the class 5 Softswitch became a more powerful tool for businesses. It can even be used as a unified communication as a service platform by adding other components like CRM, PBX, and other collaboration tools. This eliminates the need to use any external solution for communication needs. It meets all types of communication needs for a business. 

Reduce Overheads

A single system meets all sorts of communication needs. This eliminates the requirement of using, managing, and maintaining multiple tools to meet day to day communication needs of business teams. Moreover, these solutions are cloud based, which further helps in saving more money on hosting and management. 

Better Control and Administration

The retail Softswitch solutions with unified communication systems help in keeping better control over different processes and administer the fair usage of telecommunication resources. This is very helpful for enterprises that have multiple business branches nationwide to keep everything under surveillance to assure fair usage of resources.  

Removed Dependencies

Utilizing a unified communication solution becomes essential for businesses. If the class 5 Softswitch software lacks integrated unified communication capabilities, companies must resort to renting options. This increases the complexities of managing two different solutions even if they are integrated by the vendor. Moreover, it increases expenses related to managing two different systems. The most worrisome thing here is a dependency on unified communication as a service provider. The business will abide by the services and features offered by the provider and have to pay extra to get any custom features or personalization. However, integrating the switch with a unified communication solution simplifies the need for external UC solutions, thus eliminating complexities, reducing costs, and eradicating dependencies on third-party vendors or providers.

High Scalability

The class 5 switch solutions can be deployed over servers, cloud, or on a hybrid infrastructure. In all hosting models, providers recommend and implement architectures for high availability and superior scalability. This ideal solution enables businesses to reach milestones without software limitations.

Concluding Notes

VoIP solutions have been revolutionizing business communication with different inventions and innovations. A class 5 Softswitch solution with an integrated unified communication solution is a great tool available to modern businesses. This revolutionary invention enabled the transformation of business communication from basic telephony to advanced unified communication.

Contemporary retail switch solutions include a broad array of vital functions, including calling, voicemail, call recording, call forwarding, transfer, music on hold, ring group, hunt group, find me follow me, call queues, smart IVR, billing, time-based call routing, and detailed reports. Adding the UC channels into this software brought about a revolutionary change. It eliminated the dependency on third party unified communication as a service provider. It not only frees dependencies from providers but also cuts all complexities and costs linked to third-party solutions.

The trend of adopting this switch with UC features is highly popular, with an increasing demand from businesses. If you are looking for the best class 5 Softswitch Services with an integrated unified communication platform, then contact us.