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Why Invest in Customization of SIP Softphone?

  • August 25, 2020

SIP Softphone is a very useful tool for business communication. There are two types of SIP Softphone available as listed below:

  1. Mobile SIP dialer, which is available for smartphone users
  2. PC dialer, which is available for PC and laptop users

SIP Softphone for PC and smartphones are available as a free or branded solution. In this article, we will share why you should invest in the customization of a SIP Softphone.

Mobile SIP dialer or PC dialer can be customized in multiple ways and we are going to explore majorly used customizations and why to use them.

1. White labeling

White labeling is the most commonly used solution in any business. A SIP Softphone can be white labeled by experts. A white label PC dialer or a white label mobile SIP dialer will have your logo, business theme color, and other brand elements.

There are many benefits of investing in white labeling a SIP Softphone for computers or smartphones. One of the major benefits is brand building. You will be able to build a stronger business brand by showing your logo and brand elements on as many tools as possible. Moreover, if you use SIP Softphone to provide services to your customers, it will become inevitable to have a white label SIP Softphone. You should not show any other brand to your customers other than yours. Last, but not the least, using a white label SIP dialer can help you boost your business.

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2. Custom features

As mentioned earlier, there are some open source mobile SIP dialers and PC dialers available in the market. They give the standard performance and standard features to its users. If you are selling SIP Softphone, which is white labeled, but it has no additional functionalities, it may not sustain long. Even if it sustains, it will make it difficult to earn more and keep customers happy. You must have something additional to offer to your customers. Thus, you must invest in the customization of your mobile SIP dialer and PC dialer.

If you are not selling SIP Softphone, still your business communication may have some specific requirements. Thus, you should invest in customizing the SIP Softphone for smartphones and computers to get those features.

3. On-demand customization

It more specifically applies to service providers who offer white label mobile SIP dialer or a white label PC dialer to their customers. Each customer may have different needs and to meet those needs, you need to provide them on-demand features. You can take the help of the company that offered you white label SIP Softphone, but you must offer on-demand features. It will let you increase revenue. Moreover, it will keep customers happy.

If you use SIP Softphone in your own company, then also based on team feedback developing new on-demand features can help increase advantages.

In a nutshell, customization of SIP Softphone can benefit in multiple ways and you must invest in it.

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