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Multi Tenant IP PBX Solution to Transform Client Experience

  • August 11, 2023

In today’s competitive world, business strategies revolve around customer experience. It has become necessary to use the best tools to deliver more than expected when we talk about customer service. From the very first interaction with a prospective client to ongoing post-sale support, everything has to be considered while defining a winning business strategy. A multi tenant IP PBX solution is one of the most effective and proven tools that are available to level up your customer care game. It can help in boosting your efforts and results to improve customer experience. 

What Is Multi Tenant IP PBX Software?

It is a VoIP based communication system built to provide a private branch exchange aka a private telephony network for a business to use rich communication features with cost benefits. A multi tenant solution supports the creation and administration of subaccounts, which are referred to as tenant accounts. The admin account can grant or revoke communication features to the tenant accounts and even monitor resource utilization. 

Why Use a Multi Tenant PBX For Customer Care?

Why Use a Multi Tenant PBX For Customer Care The VoIP development company offers different customer care solutions like call center software, CRM solution, etc. Then what makes a multi tenant IP PBX system the right choice? 

This software has all the advanced features to augment the communication and collaboration of businesses across all offices in the world. This also helps in making engaging conversations with the internal team to help them deliver a better customer experience. This software also supports external communication to attend customer calls and provide them with the required support round the clock. 

If a business has multi-tasking staff that handles customer calls and also manages other jobs, then this software is more reliable than other tools. Moreover, if calls are of diverse nature or a low volume of calls that need to be handled on a daily basis then also a multi tenant IP PBX solution is a better tool compared to others. 

Discover the numerous remarkable benefits of implementing this software for your business. Explore the key advantages of utilizing the Multi-Tenant IP PBX Solution in your business endeavors.

Key Features of a Multi Tenant IP PBX to Transform The Customer Experience

Key Features Of A Multi Tenant IP PBX To Transform The Customer Experience

This software is very effective in improving customer experience and in this section, you will learn how its different features play an efficient role in customer care. 

Unified Communication (UC)

In today’s landscape, customers have abundant provider options and communication channels. To enhance customer experience, prioritize diverse, commonly used modes of communication. By attentively catering to clients on various channels, you’ll foster value, satisfaction, and improved experiences. 

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Among its top features is the enhancement of customer experience through automated resolution of common queries and concerns. Regardless of staff availability, this system ensures prompt client engagement and a welcoming response. Customizable greetings for off-hours or holidays further contribute to an improved customer experience.

Intelligence Call Routing and Queuing

The modern multi tenant IP PBX system comes with intelligent features such as intelligent call routing and queuing. Customer calls will be put in the call queues using intelligent call routing strategies in a way that they don’t need to hold for too long and they get connected with the right business professional in the right department, so their concern could be resolved. 

Integrated CRM system

Companies that provide the best multi tenant IP PBX software with multi tenant support also provide third party API integration. CRM integration is one of the fundamental solutions available with this IP PBX software. This CRM integration will fetch important information about customers from the CRM and display it in the PBX system, so the business reps can use that information to personalize the support and improve customer experience. 

Call Recording and Other Monitoring Features

To deliver an excellent customer experience, it is necessary to make sure your business reps are attending calls professionally and providing a delightful experience. It is not possible without monitoring the actual calls. Contemporary multi-tenant solutions offer call monitoring features including recording, live tracking, and coaching. This ensures service excellence and facilitates training and tools for better customer support, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and reaping multiple benefits 

Real Time Analytics and Reporting

The modern multi tenant solutions are very advanced in terms of features and functionalities. It provides real time analytics of different tenants and how they are using different communication features. It helps in ensuring that each resource is occupied and also in a productive manner. Additionally, these solutions also provide a range of reports. These reports show standard KPIs, as well as, custom or advanced success metrics to help managers evaluate how different tenants are handling their customers and evolving their customer care strategy to improve customer experience. 

Concluding Notes

Customer experience is a necessary success metric because happy customers will be retained in the business to provide a host of advantages. Using solutions like multi tenant PBX can be a real game changer for businesses. The best solutions provide amazing features to augment different parts of customer communication, so businesses can improve customer experience. 

We, ASTPP, provide different tools to empower businesses to augment all aspects of businesses, including customer experience. We have the most advanced multi tenant solution to meet the tailored needs of businesses, so they can serve different customer service campaigns. From unified communication to IVR, intelligent call routing, real time analytics, and several other advanced features are available in this software. To learn more about our multi-tenant IP PBX Platform please get in touch.