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Multi Tenant IP PBX Solution – Top Reasons to Use it for Your Business

  • November 15, 2022

Unified, centrally administered, and cost effective communication tools have become the fundamental demand of businesses over the past few years. Of course, quality communication has been the demand of businesses for years, but additional characteristics are added to this demand by businesses with shifting focus and multiple other driving factors. Thanks to the VoIP industry and each innovative VoIP development company, there are multiple options of tools available to fit business communication needs and economical restrictions. A multi tenant IP PBX solution is one of the tools available for businesses to excel in the game of business communication. 

There are many businesses that have already made a switch to the IP PBX software from the legacy system. Even some businesses have started using the upgraded infrastructure with a cloud based IP PBX solution along with their legacy private branch exchange system. A multi tenant business phone system is one of the most advanced solutions and it gives several reasons to use it. 

What is a multi tenant IP PBX software solution? 

A PBX is an acronym for a Private Branch Exchange system. It creates a private network of business extensions to let executives communicate and collaborate with each other and leverage the advantage of high level and advanced communication features. It further benefits businesses with its tenant support characteristic. Each tenant can contribute as an independent IP PBX solution. Still, the main admin will have complete control over all tenant accounts. The super admin can even grant and revoke access to certain features to the predefined tenants. 

The FreeSWITCH multi tenant PBX solution is the same system, but it is developed using FreeSWITCH technology. The FreeSWITCH based PBX system will be more sturdy and robust. 

Usually, a multi tenant solution would also have a VoIP billing solution to benefit the provider to use the system and generate revenue and increase wealth. 

Top reasons to use a multi tenant IP PBX solution: 

Check out the top reasons why you should use a Multi-Tenant PBX solution

There are multiple reasons to use this software in any business and leverage an extended array of advantages. Let’s explore the top motives to use this software.

1. Advanced communication features

One of the major reasons to use a PBX system with multi tenant support is to get access to the advanced features at a fraction of the cost, which is not possible with the traditional telephony or private branch exchange system. Some of the most commonly used features in businesses of the IP PBX software are listed below: 

Unified Communications (UC)

Multitenant IP PBX systems often integrate various communication channels, including voice, video, instant messaging, and email, into a unified platform. This unified experience simplifies communication and collaboration for tenants.


Auto-attendants are automated receptionists that can greet callers and provide menu options for routing calls. Tenants can customize these to match their specific business needs, enhancing the caller’s experience.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR systems allow tenants to create custom call flows, enabling self-service options for callers. This capability streamlines everyday tasks, like verifying account balances or scheduling appointments, leading to increased efficiency.

Call Routing and Queuing

Advanced call routing and queuing options are available, allowing tenants to establish rules for directing calls based on factors such as time of day, caller ID, or agent availability. These queuing features guarantee efficient caller handling, preventing extended wait times.

Call Recording and Monitoring

Call recording is a valuable feature for quality assurance and compliance purposes. Tenants can record and monitor calls, ensuring that their agents provide excellent customer service.

Conferencing and Collaboration

Multitenant IP PBX systems often include audio and video conferencing capabilities. Tenants can host virtual meetings, webinars, and collaborative sessions directly from the platform.

Presence and Instant Messaging

Presence indicators help users identify when their colleagues are available for communication by displaying their availability status. Integrated instant messaging enhances real-time collaboration effectively.


Voicemail messages can be converted into email notifications and sent to the recipient’s inbox. This feature ensures that tenants never miss important messages and can access them conveniently.

Mobility and Softphones

Tenants can use softphones, which are software-based phone applications, to make and receive calls on their computers or mobile devices. This mobility feature enables remote work and enhances accessibility.

Customized Call Routing

Tenants can create custom call routing scenarios based on their unique requirements. For example, calls can be routed differently during business hours and after hours, or to specific departments or individuals.

Multi-Level Administration

Multi-level administration capabilities allow tenants to have their own administrators who can independently manage their communication settings and user accounts .

Call Analytics and Reporting

Robust analytics and reporting tools allow tenants to gain insights into call performance, call volumes, and other key metrics. These insights help tenants make data-driven decisions to improve their communication strategies.

CRM Integration

Many IP PBX solutions offer integration with customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Integrating systems enhances tenant capabilities to access customer data during calls, thereby improving their interactions with customers.

API and Integration Opportunities

These solutions provide APIs and integration options. Tenants can connect their IP PBX with additional business applications and tools, resulting in increased productivity and automation.

Advanced Security Features

Security is paramount in communication. IP PBX solutions typically offer advanced security features, including encryption, access control, and intrusion detection, to safeguard communication data.

2. Tightly connected communication infrastructure

A single tenant FreeSWITCH or Asterisk PBX solution can be used for multiple offices, but it cannot provide centralized and regulated control over business communication tools. The multi tenant system gives complete administration power to the main admin. This process helps in deciding which communication features to assign to each business branch.

3. Assured fair usage of resources

With the usage of an Asterisk or FreeSWITCH multi tenant PBX solution, your team will be aware that their communication via the business phone system can be logged and screened for quality purposes. They will also get access to only those features, which they need to work productively. Thus , each employee will make conscious use of communication resources. This can help in improving the fair usage of resources.

4. Excellent productivity

The multi tenant IP PBX software supports multiple parallel communication channels and it also gives administered control. The team will consciously make calls and conversations to increase productive hours. This helps in ensuring each branch and each employee uses communication features individually and helps in increasing productivity.

5. Enhanced client satisfaction

The right communication system can serve quality service to clients. With rich communication features, we can deliver a more satisfactory experience to clients. Enhanced customer satisfaction positively impacts businesses in several ways, including reducing the need for extensive customer retention efforts and elevating brand positioning among other benefits. The multi tenant IP PBX can be used to enhance the customer satisfaction up to 150%.

6. Reduced expenses

The FreeSWITCH or Asterisk PBX solution with multi tenant support will use the SIP calling facility. It will reduce overall telecommunication expenses by up to 85% because SIP calling is cheaper than PSTN based calling. Moreover, IP PBX software is a web based telecommunication system. It reduces the cost associated with set up, installation, deployment, and even infrastructure. Reducing the use of hardware, wires, switches, gateways, etc., can drastically drop down the cost of maintenance. The cloud based multi tenant PBX solution also reduces the cost of servers. It would use the cost of maintenance even further.

7. Revenue generation opportunities

One of the major advantages of using a proprietary or an open source multi tenant IP PBX solution is that it can also be used to offer IP PBX based business phone services to end users. It will also have an integrated VoIP billing solution, so the process of offering customer services would be quite easier and straightforward. Any business can offer lucrative rate cards and packages to generate revenue. 

Concluding notes 

The IP PBX system with multi tenant support is a popular VoIP solution offered by the top VoIP software development companies. There are several use cases for this software and there are several reasons to use this platform depending on the vision of the business owner. Whether it is proprietary or an open source multi tenant IP PBX Platform , you can make the best use of this software for the benefit of your own business or even increase revenue. 

We have the most advanced multi tenant IP PBX with the advanced FreeSWITCH billing software integrated into it. We can help you install the software and launch your business or make maximum advantage of this software. To know more about this software and to book a free demo or consultation, contact us.