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Top Reasons Companies Must Join ASTPP Remote Training Program

  • April 21, 2020


ASTPP has launched the ASTPP online training program. This program aims to teach the nitty-gritty of ASTPP 4, which is a smart telephony platform. The program is available under the two models.

  1. Group training and
  2. Personal dedicated training

The personal dedicated training is for the group of executives that belong to the same company or organization. In a nutshell, the ASTPP expert coach will arrange a dedicated training session to train the team members of a company or organization.

There are many reasons to join this program. In the last article, we had talked about how the ASTPP training program can benefit individuals and today, we will share how it benefits companies.

1. Train your team to use the power of ASTPP

If you are using ASTPP to run your business or you are thinking to get benefited by using a smart VoIP solution for your business, then enrolling your team members would be a smart move. In the ASTPP remote training sessions, the ASTPP expert will teach the inside out knowledge of the latest version of ASTPP. They will give knowledge of the complete platform in its both versions, open source, and enterprise as well as its add-ons. At the end of this course, your team will be aware of the power of this smart telephony platform which can work in your favor for sure.

2. Better utilization of time and resources

At the moment, the Coronavirus pandemic has captured the whole world. A majority of companies has adopted the “work from home” model to keep their staff safe and business operational. Due to the remote work model, all the time spent on the commute is saved. Furthermore, for some employees, working from home can be a bit tedious or challenging. Enrolling them in the ASTPP online training program will let companies leverage double benefits. They can make better use of the time saved by the team members. Moreover, they will be able to keep their team engaged as they will be doing more than the routine work. This will create a win-win situation for the company and employees, both.

3. Streamlined operations

ASTPP 4 is the most powerful smart telephony solution. There are many articles written on it and the community has also provided detailed documentation. Still, practical knowledge conveyed by an expert is definitely more powerful than all other resources. Knowing this platform from a point of view of the expert who works with it day in day out can let your team make the best use of this solution. Moreover, they can also make use of the never thought before features and add-ons available in this smart VoIP solution. This will streamline operations to help you increase business benefits.

4. Get new business ideas

A true business owner always thinks about expanding the business to generate more revenues and ROI. Enrolling the team in the ASTPP online training program and learning the complete solution will let you have better brainstorming sessions with the team to get innovative and practical business ideas.

There are many more benefits of attending this program by the team of a company. Contact us to know more.