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Version 2.0 of Enterprise Add-on Fraud Detection Launched

  • September 29, 2020

We are delighted to announce the launch of Fraud Detection Version 2.0.

Fraud Detection add-on has been popular among ASTPP enterprise solutions users since the time it was launched. However, in the earlier version of this enterprise add-on, there were certain limitations. Of course, it used to perform with the highest efficiency and accuracy, but it did not allow flexible fraud detection rule creation. To overcome all those limitations of the earlier versions of Fraud Detection add-ons, we have developed new features and today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the brand new version of the Fraud Detection enterprise add-on.

The new version of this enterprise solution gives complete control to the admin to create meticulous rules to assure all minor and major fraud activities.

Fraud Detection Version 2.0 has an array of powerful features. Some of the major features are listed below for your reference:

  • Limitless rule creation to detect fraud activities
  • Notifications and alerts when any fraud detection rule is met
  • Prefix based fraud detection
  • Time condition-based fraud detection
  • Country-based fraud detection
  • Configuration of the blocking threshold
  • Configuration of warning threshold
  • Alert admin with notifications when the defined threshold of warning is met
  • Destination blocking when the defined threshold of blocking is met with admin notification
  • And many more

“All VoIP businesses, whether retail or wholesale, are prone to hack attacks and fraud activities. We all know the severe repercussions of these attacks and activities in the VoIP business. Therefore, constant monitoring of system usage is necessary. Likewise, it is mandatory to detect any fraud or malicious activities well in advance and take an action to stop it then and there. The manual process of monitoring and detecting fraud attacks is very human-intensive and prone to mistakes. To overcome all roadblocks and still deliver extraordinary security to the users of ASTPP (A Smart TelePhony Platform), we have enhanced the features of Fraud Detection add-on”, shared Samir Doshi, ASTPP Community Leader.

ASTPP enterprise solution has been benefiting hundreds and thousands of businesses with amazing functionalities and features. ASTPP 4 enterprise solution not only offers the core features of class 4 Softswitch solution and VoIP billing solution, but it also offers a wide array of smart VoIP solutions in form of ASTPP add-ons. Fraud Detection is one of the enterprise add-ons available to the users of ASTPP Self Hosting and ASTPP Managed Services.

It means only enterprise version users of ASTPP 4 solution will be able to take advantage of this powerful fraud detection solution and many other advanced software such as multi tenant IP PBX solution, fax server solution, DID number management software, IT help desk ticketing solution, WHMCS, etc.

ASTPP enterprise version is available with affordable payment models and even more important fact is anyone can opt for a free trial of 14 days. One can examine and use all features and add-ons, including, but not limited to Fraud Detection during this risk-free trial. To book a demo / free trial or to know more about this add-on or enterprise solution, contact us.