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Softswitch with South Africa Number Portability

  • November 8, 2022

South Africa is growing in leaps and bounds in terms of internet connectivity and the VoIP industry. There are several factors that have been supporting the growth of the VoIP industry in this African region and this is the time for South African businesses to grab the opportunity. This is the time to explore new horizons of revenue generation and launch the business that can give them early success in the market. A business of VoIP service provider with call routing and number portability is one of the untapped markets. Using our VoIP Softswitch with a number portability solution for South Africa, you can make this dream true with ease. 

The VoIP Softswitch solution lets providers in South Africa choose the most profit making routes to provide call routing services to clients with quality and still enjoy high profit margins. One of the ways to do that is based on the dialed number. To make this phenomenon true, countries like South Africa support a database of ported numbers along with other details such as which ported number belongs to which supplier. This database can be used to make call routing decisions to make more profit using the concept of ported numbers. 

The number portability solution support LNP (Local Number Portability) for fixed lines and MNP (Mobile Number Portability) for mobile lines. This way the provider can run the ported number facility to benefit customers and make more profit. 

ASTPP has developed the most intuitive and feature rich VoIP Softswitch with a number portability solution for South Africa. This system is specifically designed to benefit businesses and providers in South Africa to run a flawless business model to not only generate revenue but also to make more profit. 

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It is an easy to use system with graphical user interface access. It means the service providers don’t need to spend much time learning a new platform. If you know the concept of ported numbers, you can get started today.

Within a single platform, all features of a VoIP Softswitch solution and number portability solution are made available. This not only reduces the software and infrastructure cost but also simplifies the management of the software and business. This can work as a great boon for new entrepreneurs in South Africa who doesn’t have time for gulping the technicalities and handling a whole bunch of solutions. They can sell multiple services using a single platform. 

This solution has admin and reseller modules. It means both admin and reseller can offer ported number services in South Africa using our solution. The providers can amplify customer satisfaction and other benefits with this solution. Creating a network of resellers allows us to crunch more numbers and target more clients. 

We provide consultation and support for technical aspects, so you can focus on launching and scaling your business. To book a free demo of our VoIP Softswitch with a number portability solution for South Africa and to get a free consultation, contact us.