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Why Does The MVNO Market Continue To Grow in South Africa?

  • October 31, 2022

MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) term was coined first in 1999 by the British OFTEL regulator. Since then MVNO has been popular across the world in diversified industry verticals like banking, logistic, etc. Mobile virtual network operators can use the best VoIP Softswitch solution and similar VoIP products to launch and expand their own businesses. 

The market of MVNO has been growing across the globe and South Africa is one of the countries in which this business growing in leaps and bound. Let’s explore some of the statistics that show the growth of the MVNO market in South Africa. 

  • In the forecast period of 2021 to 2026, the compound annual growth rate of the MVNO market would be 7.8%. 
  • 11.07 million consumers will use the service of virtual network operators, according to WiseGuyReports. 
  • As per the CAGR, by 2022 end the revenue model of the South African virtual mobile network will increase up to 28.21 USD. By 2023, the revenue model will be 28.70 in South Africa. 
  • In the last financial year, South Africa will have 15.9 million subscribers and out of which 1.9 million will be from MVNO partners only. 

In a nutshell, the users of MVNO partners, subscribers, and market have increased and will increase over the course of 5 years with a 7.8% CAGR. 

Which are the key contributors behind the popularity of MVNO in South Africa? 

Why MVNO so popular in South Africa

In South Africa and Sub-Saharan South Africa has been increased penetration of smartphones in the country. This has increased the reach of mobile virtual networks and their offerings. Technological advancements are also boosting the reach and growth of this network such as 5G technology, fiber technology, etc. Earlier, the government was unenthusiastic in assigning a high radio frequency spectrum to roll out 5G, but now even the South African government has shown enthusiasm to support this growth. Several trials for 5G network rollouts have been taking place in South Africa and it is more likely to be live in 2021. The favorable support from the government has boosted the confidence of investors. 

South Africa is one of the most rapidly growing countries. From technology to infrastructure, network operators, and other elements are boosting the opportunities. More and more development companies and partners are now building strong business networks. This has been increasing growth and expansion opportunities. Moreover, there are flexible rules and regulations from the government that make it easier to grab investment opportunities. Many investors are contributing to the future of technology. 

The VoIP development companies also contribute to the growth of virtual network operators. They have developed the best VoIP Softswitch software that helps mobile network operators to run this business without any roadblocks. They can use their own services in integration with a Softswitch solution such as GSM calls, internet lines, and more. The VoIP developers further integrate a VoIP billing solution. It automates the billing and invoicing processes for mobile virtual network operators. It lets network operators introduce various pricing models and rate plans to attract more customers. This can help in defining various success models and attracting more clients. The best VoIP billing software can boost performance by automating the whole process. 

How does ASTPP help South African businesses to boost the growth rate? 

South African businesses boost the growth rate using ASTPP

ASTPP offers a smart telephony platform, VoIP billing software, and similar telephony solutions to run unified communication businesses on a mobile virtual network platform. Even for South African businesses, ASTPP offers different VoIP platforms and solutions. 

ASTPP even conducted a detailed webinar on the topic of “MVNO: End to End Solutions with ASTPP”. This webinar has covered all the required details about virtual network operators and how it can benefit the operators with the VoIP Softswitch solution offered by ASTPP. 

ASTPP offers a complete telephony platform with smart features to run the mobile network business. Unique offerings of this platform for South Africa are briefly explained hereunder: 

White label 

ASTPP offers a white label smart telephony platform with various VoIP solutions like class 4 Softswitch, multi tenant IP PBX solution, mobile number portability solution, fax server solution, fraud detection software management platform, and similar solutions. All solutions are available as a white label platform to run custom branded apps. 

Advanced UI 

The user interface of this platform is very intuitive. It is a graphical user interface, which makes it easier to handle different operations related to the virtual network operator. For each entity, this user interface can make operational efficiency high and superior. Moreover, it saves time in learning a new platform. The GUI system helps in handling operations related to providing the best services. 

Support different entities 

ASTPP empowers MVNO business in South Africa by adding value added entities such as resellers, sub-admins, users, etc. ASTPP also provides the required technical support to handle the business in multi-direction. The reseller module is quite extensive and helps MVNO to reach new nooks and corners of African countries. 

Extensive features 

This smart telephony platform is built with amazing features like IVR (Interactive Voice Response), voicemail, call transfer, call forwarding, call mute and unmute, and other features of an IP PBX solution. The platform is also multilingual and supports multiple languages to benefit South African businesses reach other territories. It also supports multi-currency to empower businesses with multiple currencies. The VoIP billing software is integrated into this VoIP Softswitch software. This helps in more efficient rate management, prepaid and postpaid billing, etc. to enhance the whole process and run the business seamlessly. 

Concluding notes 

In a nutshell, from the government to technological advancements, an open market for investors, support for VoIP developers, and other driving factors contribute to elevating the growth of the MVNO market in South Africa. 

ASTPP has been supporting businesses in South Africa with its VoIP Softswitch solution and similar platforms to mobile virtual network operators. The integrated solution empowers South African businesses with amazing solutions and platforms. To know more about our offerings specific to MVNO in South Africa, contact us.