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Why STIR/SHAKEN Is Necessary in the VoIP Industry?

  • August 18, 2021

The VoIP industry is huge. There are many small, medium, and large scale businesses in this industry. From providing wholesale call routing to providing business communication and collaboration services; the VoIP industry has several operational areas. For this, the VoIP service providers, internet service providers, wholesale VoIP service providers, retail calling service providers, etc. use multiple VoIP solutions. 

Along with using the best infrastructure and a smart telephony platform, the VoIP businesses also need to comply with the legislation of the countries in which they offer VoIP services. Moreover, they have to make sure their customers receive reliable, secure, and expected services. Security is one of the major concerns for customers, providers, and the government. 

There are several security threats in the VoIP industry such as call spoofing, DOS attacks, DDoS attacks, toll frauds, etc. To overcome all these security threats, not only VoIP software providers have introduced fraud detection software solutions, but also an authority in different countries has introduced different telecom related laws and legislations. 

One of the laws related to call spoofing is enforced by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), which is one of the USA government agencies. The FCC is responsible for legislation related to international and interstate communication in the United States of America.

The FCC has made successful implementation of STIR / SHAKEN mandatory for the providers that are responsible for offering international and/ or interstate communication and collaboration services in the USA. Service providers offering communication services in or through the USA must comply with this law, regardless of their location. The FCC had also given the deadline of 30th June 2021 to implement STIR / SHAKEN into the networks that are responsible for interstate or international communication for USA based customers. This is one of the major reasons to implement STIR / SHAKEN in their network. To cater to customers in the USA as a service provider, implement STIR/SHAKEN.

Another reason to implement STIR / SHAKEN into the network of VoIP service providers is security. Call spoofing is one of the major security threats and fraud attempts made by people with malicious intent. The fraudsters tamper caller ID and then carry out a fraud activity of stealing money from people. This is called the call spoofing. If you are a VoIP service provider and your customers face call spoofing, you are likely to lose customers. Not only this, but you may also face negative brand publicity, which can cause roadblocks in increasing and retaining customers. To make sure your customers are safe and happy, you have to invest in implementing STIR / SHAKEN.

These are the major reasons that have made implementation of STIR / SHAKEN necessary in the VoIP industry. If you have not implemented STIR / SHAKEN into your VoIP business and need help, contact us.